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Posted on: 05/31/13


Transcendental Meditation Center of the Monterey Peninsula (831) 648-TMTM and FREE INTRODUCTION TO TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION BY APPOINTMENT Call for your reservation for lectures (831) 648-TMTM (648-8686) or email: For more info visit This introduction to the TM® technique covers: What is the TM technique and what are the benefits? How does it work? What is the research behind the technique? How does one learn? How does the TM technique differ from other forms of meditation? And, plenty of time for questions and answers.Call (831) 648-TMTM for reservations. A Natural, Effective Way to Address HypertensionToday, nearly one in three American adults has high blood pressure—a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. But there are natural, effective ways to address hypertension. Recently, the American Heart Association issued a statement saying that the Transcendental Meditation technique is the only meditation practice that has been consistently shown to lower blood pressure.Here’s how it works: TM® practice reduces activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn reduces stress hormones and helps normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system, including blood pressure control.Published research confirms that it works. That’s why the National Institutes of Health has granted more than $20 million to study the TM technique’s benefits in preventing and treating heart disease, hypertension, and stroke.Read the full AHA statement on TM practice and heart health at: You may have employee benefits that will pay for part or all of the TM course tuition. The TM Course may also be considered as continuing professional education. You may be eligible for college credit as well. Contact us at (831) 648-TMTM if we can help you apply to your Human Resource Department. The TM program may be covered by a person’s Health Savings Account (HSA) or similar program as well. Contact the administrator of your HSA to find out.Please feel free to forward this to anyone you may know who would like to learn TM now.Check Out these Great Blog Posts!Visit people learn the TM technique, they naturally begin thinking of friends, family and colleagues who could benefit from the deep revitalizing rest, reduction of stress and growth of inner happiness. We hope you’ll enjoy this great opportunity to share the TM technique. 8 GREAT REASONS TO MEDITATE: Success Equanimity Health Focus Balance Creativity Efficiency Happiness

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